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Teenage Gizzard  CD (ATO Records)

Teenage Gizzard CD (ATO Records)

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  • ATO Official Bootlegger CD
  • Exclusive back cover artwork by Ahmad Oka
  • Deluxe foil CD softpack

  • “Teenage Gizzard” is a newly unearthed collection of some of the very first material ever recorded by King Gizzard between 2010 and 2011. It includes three early singles, two early b-sides, four tracks from the band’s first non-official EP “Angelsea”, and one previously lost track. “Teenage Gizzard” is a glimpse into the past of one of the most prolific bands in rock history!

    Track List
    1. Hey There
    2. Ants and Bats
    3. Sleep
    4. Summer!
    5. Eddie Cousin
    6. Fried
    7. Good To Me
    8. Tomb/Beach
    9. Trench Foot
    10. Life Is Cool